Full shoulder traditional styles, upright, semi-upright, semi sneak, full sneak by size, eye to nose

Up to 7 ¼” $525
7 ¼” to 7 ½” $550
7 ½” + $575

Lip curls are additional $150 on top of the mount price
European Skull Mounts $110
I buy Buck Capes $20 to $25, depending on size and condition. 165 lbs Dressed or Larger.

All hides are commercially tanned by four of the finest tanneries in the nation

Other Work

All other work, styles and species, subject to negotiation.
Bear prices determined by size and condition.

  • Minimum 50% down on all work I will give my best estimate by phone (not a firm quote)
  • All jobs are subject to inspection. Large bullet holes and or in a bad location also poor condition or improper rough caping may increase final cost

Turn Around Time

Most deer heads are completed under a year. Late arrivals may take up to 18 months.
Life size mounts take 1-1.5 years.